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What is a Cremation Society?

An Affordable Cremation Option

A Cremation Society is a group of people who join together who prefer cremation. They join a cremation society not only to receive quality care and services, but to receive that care and service at a fair price.

Tri-State Cremation Society is operated within a locally owned and operated funeral home. Local ownership and lower overhead allows our cremation society to have substantially lower costs. This savings is then passed on to you. We are required to be operated by West Virginia licensed funeral directors. We maintain rigorous standards and security systems that are regulated by the West Virginia Funeral Board and the West Virginia Attorney General.

We have a chapel designed for gatherings, viewings, or visitations. This customized design does not mean that we provide lesser service and care to our clients and their family members, but it allows us to have competitive price points and be value driven.

When you become a member of Tri-State Cremation Society you have the option to Pre-Fund for your arrangements in advance, or you may choose to only complete our free registration form. By registering you become eligible for the discounted rates available at the time of death. Although registering your arrangements with us is a necessary step, Pre-Funding your arrangements is equally as important. Pre-Funding is the only way to insure you will never pay more in the future for the goods and services you select. This alone can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars over the years.

Your funded arrangements are safe with us! All funded arrangements are registered with the WV Attorney General's Office. Your funds grow dividends to offset inflation of future prices. Your funds are kept in an interest bearing account only available to our society upon your death. Payment plans from 3 to 10 years are available.